Soul Focus Senior Squad

Hey Class of 2022! 

What an incredible year for you! A year that will come with fun challenges, friendships and achievements. Savor every minute of this special time and document it, because it's going to fly by faster than you even realize!

​I want to help you have the most amazing year ever and that starts by being a part of the Soul Focus Senior Squad. I'm looking for 5 girls to join the Squad to represent and share my business with your friends in the Class of 2022. During our time together I will capture your amazing memories while you make life-long connections and spend some time focusing on your goals and having tons of fun.

Do you want to join me in this exclusive community with styled photo shoots, new friends and lots of other great benefits? Check out what's included down below. I'd love to have you! 


Apply to be on the


What's Included

Your Official 1 Hour Senior Portrait Session Tailored to Your Unique Personality
• At 2 Locations and Season of Choosing
• Unlimited Outfit Changes
• Complete Online Gallery of Photos
• Print Release
• 15% off Prints Through My Professional Lab

​$50 Credit Towards Your Portrait Session for Each Valid Referral You Bring In
• Earn Your Entire Experience for Free with 6 Valid Referrals

​2 Mini Photo Sessions and Hangouts with the Senior Squad Throughout the Year
• Back-to-School
• Cap and Gown Party & a Celebratory Dinner Afterwards

​Access to The Exclusive Squad Facebook Group

​Soul Focus Swag and Surprises!

​BONUS: Specials on Prom Shoots, School/Sports Events & BFF Photo Shoots Throughout the Year

All the goodies

Hidden Fees?

There are no hidden fees by being part of the Squad. However, each squad member is required to book Photo Collection Two with Soul Focus Seniors, a $325 value. A $100 deposit is required upon booking and your balance is due at the time of your portrait session. You do have the opportunity to earn your session for FREE by bringing in 6 valid referrals.
After you earn your session for free, you're eligible to earn $25 cash for each valid referral after that. That money is all yours! 

This is your best year yet! Make it an AWESOME one!

Are there any

Thank you so much for your interest in being a part of my Senior Squad! I am so excited for you and this season of your life. You're going to do AMAZING things, I just know it!